Yoga to Stay Light & Bright

True happiness and beauty come from the heart. Yoga is a powerful tool to help you illuminate your own light. When the outside world feels heavy or difficult, it is easy for us to forget all the light and power in our hearts. Yoga reminds us that our light is always there-we may have to try our best to get rid of the shackles of darkness before we can uncover it, but in any case, we have the ability to choose positive. We create our own peace in any storm.

In the philosophy of yoga, especially in Yoga Sutra, patanjali reveals that we should not fight against darkness, but introduce light. In patanjali, the second exercise, patanjali outlined three main benefits of body posture or asana, such as solving discomfort and creating lightness and stability of the body. Then, with regard to the Buddhist scriptures of pranayama and respiratory control, II-49 to II-53 describe in detail how the regulation of vitality is regulated by inhalation and exhalation. Breathing in a certain way will lighten Tamas or darkness to reveal the light inside you. If you feel Tamas (heavy/depressed), do pranayama. If you feel Rajas (anger) doing asana.

The combination of pranayama and asana encourages lightness at every level. By breathing with your heart and practicing yoga, you can improve your posture, strengthen your strength and flexibility, and create space in narrow areas. Endorphins, hormones that feel good, are released, which helps you feel more positive and optimistic and leaves less room for negative emotions to take root. Yoga helps to control physical pain, which directly affects our emotions and thoughts.

Yoga is fundamentally about learning to guide your mind and attention or control your mind. One of the most powerful yoga classics is II-33. Vitarka Badhane Pratipaksha Bhavanam, translated as: when disturbed by negative thoughts, cultivate opposite thoughts. In other words, when an angry or depressed thought appears, admit it, and then replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This skill, if practiced frequently, will help to create a pattern that naturally sees the positive first.

Yoga reminds us that in our perspective, we always have a choice. When you experience the roller coaster of your life, there will be challenging moments, and your ability to support yourself will help you tide over the difficulties. This is not to pretend that reality does not exist, but to realize that you have the ability to let reality affect you.


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