Yoga, Music, & The Flow State

When we consider pairing different things together, it is always a subjective matter. The same is true of adding music to yoga practice. Some people like vibration support and melody inspiration, which can improve their practice when they change from one posture to another. Others are intoxicated by the silent internal waves they breathe, and prefer yoga without any music. There are no right or wrong answers here, just preference questions. No matter who you are, music has become more and more popular as a supplement to yoga practice. For those who like this combination, music seems to always exist. Because of this, there are always people looking for new excellent music choices for their yoga practice. If you are moved by music in yoga class, you can appreciate the beauty of this combination. Music can add another layer to the deep and rigorous flow, support you in a challenging time, or keep your thoughts from drifting. Many people have opened their doors to new music artists and music styles, which come from the tracks that touched them when they were on the mat.

The connection between yoga and music If you listen to a low house beat, you know that you will have a feeling that you are in a state where your breath and body can be aligned in perfect time. Your body is in a perfect groove, lost in space, flowing in rhythm, flowing with the time of music. Your body becomes an instrument synchronized with the metronome rhythm. The extensive benefits of yoga to the body have been studied for a long time. However, not all yoga teachers encourage the use of music while doing yoga. However, if you choose music carefully, a well-planned playlist will ignite your quiet moments for yourself or students in practice.

Yoga, Music and Flow State Practicing yoga and listening to music are essentially similar activities, although they are obviously different. Simply put, both can improve our well-being and make us feel good. Both are the universal language of love. It can be said that music is as old as human beings, and has remained unchanged throughout the evolution of human beings and cultures. Like yoga, music also provides many physiological benefits. Studies have shown that music can effectively reduce the cortisol level of patients who are about to undergo surgery and reduce the anxiety level better than those who take anti-anxiety drugs. New science is also continuing to explore the medical attributes of music. Recently, some studies have shown that music can make people enter the so-called “flow state”. This is a term that refers to the best state of consciousness in which we are at our best. For a long time, artists, musicians and even athletes have been making use of creative flow, even before the term was coined. When the flow state is reached, the brain switches to the critical state between α waves; This phenomenon is usually related to REM sleep, hypnosis and daydreaming. When you reach this state, it means that your brain has temporarily stopped projecting beta brain waves (which is part of your conscious mind). This action also deactivates the prefrontal cortex, the part we feel about ourselves. In short, you are lost in the present.





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