Yoga expands your consciousness

Yoga reminds us that owning human life is an excellent opportunity! Whether you are physically beautiful or materially rich. Yes, it’s a good reward, but how we treat our given life depends on ourselves. Although each of us has a different environment, we all have the ability to create inner freedom.

Superficiality is not important to practitioners. The connection with universal consciousness is the most important. Through yoga practice, the body will be the most beautiful, but as yogis, we are most interested in the feelings of our inner world. The higher consciousness that can be achieved through yoga creates a greater sense of connection with ourselves and the world around us, and these benefits far outweigh any vanity benefits brought by practice. Life is limited, so take good care of your body, so that you can become conscious and appear in your life’s adventures as much as possible.

Yoga made me realize that my time in my body is limited. This is what I remember, because every morning when I wake up from my sleep, I will thank you. It is it that inspires me to explore and gives me the strength to be myself in this world and enjoy my time here.

Yoga can also make us have enough consciousness to become braver. I value courage. It’s not a question of perfection. It’s about self-awareness. This is a journey of practice, showing the art. Albert Einstein told us that in order to create the reality we want, we must match the frequency of the reality we want. Actually, it’s very simple. When you break it down, everything is simple. Everything you have done has brought you to this moment.

In yoga, we have the opportunity to go deep into our hearts and establish contact with ourselves. We don’t need anyone else to learn more through yoga. If we are interested in treatment, health and enlightenment, we must know ourselves. We must heal before we can experience enlightenment. Be brave, face the darkness, face the light, and keep appearing on your yoga mat.

Why is it so difficult to change perspectives or keep practicing? What is the relationship you want to change?

Nature teaches us to accept and embrace change. More time connected with nature reveals to us that it is natural to change perspectives and experience changes, which are all things that life experiences. Change is not a terrible thing, but something worth celebrating. When we experience changes, we will learn new things.

When we resist change, we create our own challenges. Usually, the challenge is to measure our resistance to change and our resistance to present in the present, especially when we are uncomfortable.

Yoga should be performed humbly, because once you are conscious, it is difficult to return to the unconscious way of being. Yoga became popular because it cured us. By raising our consciousness, it heals our relationship with body, mind, each other and all life.

No matter how old you are or how your body is now, you can start practicing yoga at once. Now is always a good time to do your best. Practice yoga on or under the yoga mat. Establish a connection with mystery in every asana. There is a teacher in every position, and the teacher is you.

For example, when we stand upside down like a face-down dog, we actually move our perspective up and down. We consciously take unconscious actions, such as breathing, the movement of our bodies and our thoughts, and make them all conscious. By shaping our bodies into these shapes, this is a change of ideas, far exceeding the benefits of our bodies. Their shapes do change our state of consciousness.

Transformation takes time. It takes time to put all this together. Don’t surpass yourself, don’t rush, and don’t rush. Stay in the present. This moment contains the experiences you need.

Live in the present. This is the way to the next moment. Nature is patient. Don’t forget that we are closely related to nature. Raising your awareness needs training. Natural participation. A farmer knows that seeds will not grow according to her present request. It is time for her to cultivate her own garden.


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