Why Yoga is the Perfect Pre & Post Sport Workout

Being active is essential to a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. Some days, a comprehensive yoga course is the best choice, and some days, you may prefer running, cycling, playing golf or playing in the snow. Using yoga as exercise to warm up or cool down is an ideal way to improve your performance and prevent injuries.

Even if you stretch before or after exercise, you often just stretch your muscles in the same direction and plane of your exercise. Many sports, such as cycling and running, are repeated movements in one direction and one plane. Sports like golf and tennis, which rely more on using one side of the body than the other, can develop some muscle groups while ignoring others. As time goes by, these processes will lead to muscle and joint imbalance, resulting in overuse injury.

Yoga is not simply stretching, but moving muscles and joints in all ranges of motion-activating the seldom used muscles that support the main athletes.

In order to maintain balance and health, the body must move in all three planes of motion. Yoga is effective not only in sagittal plane, but also in frontal and transverse plane, ensuring all-round development.

Comprehensive yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stability and strengthening and balancing work. By focusing on these important elements, yoga can help you recover more quickly after exercise, open up tension areas that hinder performance, and improve the range of exercise.

Another important reason for using yoga as a warm-up or relaxation is that it can improve mental concentration and concentration. Unless your mind is calm and clear, you will not be at the top of the game. In yoga, the emphasis on yoga breathing and physical and mental connection is very important to hone mental acuity, patience and attention. Learning to be present at all times will bring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Whether yoga warm-up helps you ski more quickly, makes you focus on golf swing, or just makes running and cycling more comfortable, you will benefit. Yoga will help relieve tension, build a strong center and align the spine.

Think of yoga as your insurance policy: regular practice can minimize and/or prevent injuries and improve performance. These courses are fast and designed for your fitness day! Enjoy


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