What to Eat Before Yoga and After Yoga

If you want to find delicious, heart-healthy and nutritious food to improve your yoga lifestyle, there is an amazing world, you can choose! As listed above, bananas, almonds and avocados are great-they are rich in nutrients, and potassium in bananas helps prevent cramps. 100% juice or green juice is also great. If you are close to exercise, it is a good way to get a lot of energy in your system (although even juice should have about one hour to solidify). There are hundreds of green juice recipes, full of delicious vegetables and fruits, which can be modified according to your taste at any time! Although vegetarians are by no means necessary for yoga, they do help promote a healthier yoga lifestyle. However, for vegetarians and vegans, the risk of not getting enough protein may be high, and protein is very important for body repair and metabolic function. Because it is difficult to get enough protein from plants, try 100% plant protein powder! Healthy and easy to add to various foods and drinks, it is the perfect way to supplement dietary necessities.


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