Review the foundation of the best yoga practice

Are you looking for your best yoga practice?

Usually, the most powerful way to reflect the change in your life and yoga practice is to stop wherever you are and assess the strength of your foundation. Just as you can’t build a home that can last for generations in unstable soil, you can’t just focus on the appearance or feeling to build a sustainable yoga practice. Press the pause button this week to dig deeper and make sure you have a solid foundation.

If you have spread the yoga mat for some time, you can easily fall into a mode, focusing only on learning new skills, or turning every asana into the most advanced variant. This practice is not necessarily the way to become an advanced practitioner.

In patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, cultivating lasting yoga practice is compared to a gardener or a farmer. Planting seeds and caring for soil on a consistent basis are the key to successful growth. A healthy lifelong yoga practice is sometimes not obvious, only on the surface. This power comes from the roots under the soil.

Maybe by trying more basic yoga practice or coaching courses, what you usually can’t practice will strengthen your foundation and give you new insight. It is also a good reminder to get out of yourself and realize that there may be more than one way to move, breathe or meditate. Different teachers guide alignment in different ways. Yoga Sutra 2:46, Yoga Style, points out that postures should be both hard and relaxed. When you are willing to try new technology, keep an open attitude and return to the beginner’s thinking. Practicing familiar postures in unfamiliar ways can keep your exercises fresh and exciting.

By slowing down, you can improve your knowledge and improve your current practice physically, emotionally and spiritually. Slow down and see how your perspective changes during your life of practicing yoga. This is a good opportunity to confirm how far you have come from being a real beginner. Think of it as planting new seeds so that your practice can grow.

Whether you are a novice yoga practitioner or a yogi with many years of experience, it will benefit us to return to the basics once in a while.


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