How to do yoga pose correctly

How to do yoga pose correctly - Joy2fitt shop

No matter what kind of yoga you’re practicing, you should always feel comfortable enough to give it a go. But if you don’t know what’s right, you’re going to end up doing something wrong.

If you look at a yoga instructor and they look like they can bend in ways you can’t, you might think they must be doing yoga incorrectly. After all, how can they get that pose so perfectly without hurting themselves? That’s where you’re wrong. The pose is perfectly balanced and in fact, you can copy that pose too. When a yoga teacher says they are doing an asana, that means “pose.” This is a series of poses that a yogi uses to achieve balance and peace of mind. There are thousands of different poses. A lot of them look like they would hurt you if you tried them, but that’s only because you haven’t learned the correct way to do it. For example, you wouldn’t try to do the plow pose because that’s not the proper way to do it. The teacher would tell you to “get comfortable” and they’ll show you the correct way to do it.

When you’re practicing yoga at home, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what the correct position is when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. This article has step-by-step instructions on how to perform a good yoga posture.

How to do yoga pose correctly - Joy2fitt shop

How to do yoga pose correctly – Joy2fitt shop


To start off, use the breath of relaxation, because it doesn’t need any muscle contractions. Just relax, breathe in and out, and let go. Breathe into your chest, fill up your belly, and exhale. Breathe with your diaphragm. If you don’t know how to do this, just imagine someone telling you “breathe deeply.”

2.Stand Tall

The first thing you need to do is stand tall. This is because standing tall puts your shoulders back, which gives your body the best posture possible. So, stand up straight and feel proud. Once you’ve got your shoulders back, you can stretch your arms overhead and point your elbows toward the sky. Make sure to keep your arms straight until you’re ready to come down.

3.Lift Heels Up

Lift the heels up and in front of the toes. Make sure your feet and toes are on the ground. When you lift your feet, there should be about a 2cm gap between your toes and the ground.

4.Suck in Your Abdomen

Suck in your abdomen. This is called “Mulabandha” in yoga. It is done by pushing the stomach out as far as possible while keeping it straight and the back in. Do this for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat the practice 3 times. It is very important to keep your abdominal muscles engaged as you do this exercise.

5.Open the Heart

Open the Heart is the most difficult pose in yoga because it requires you to balance your heart open and your chest closed. If you are familiar with yoga, you may be thinking about opening the arms, but if you aren’t, just take a deep breath and imagine yourself to be completely relaxed. Begin with a slow inhale and exhale. Then, exhale your breath through the mouth only. Finally, exhale slowly and completely, allowing your head to float above your body and your heart to be wide open.6. Stretch from Your Ribs

6.Relax Your Neck and Back

Stand tall and look down at your feet. Imagine a string between your knees and toes. As you inhale, lift your chest up towards the sky. Exhale and drop your head down towards your thighs, just below your belly button.

7.Engage Your Spine

With yoga, it is important to engage your spine. If you do not, it could cause unnecessary pain. The main thing that you should focus on when engaging your spine is your pelvic floor. There are two ways in which you can engage your pelvic floor. The first is when you are in a standing position and the second is when you are in a lying position. For example, if you are doing an abdominal breathing exercise and you are in a standing position, you need to focus on your hip bone and the back of your head.

In conclusion, to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise, perform each movement slowly and steadily, hold each position for at least one breath, and focus on lengthening your muscles, rather than shortening them. As you do this series of movements, you’ll develop a greater sense of balance and coordination, and you’ll find that you’re able to do more yoga poses comfortably than you ever thought possible.

How to do yoga pose correctly - Joy2fitt shop

How to do yoga pose correctly – Joy2fitt shop


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