Going Back to the Basics in Yoga

Going back to the basic posture and practice gives you room to perfect what you know and learn more about alignment. You may have questions about any posture that you are ashamed to ask questions, and these questions may be answered in the basic class, because this idea is to teach students to try them for the first time. In more advanced courses, the basic alignment details may be ignored, but you can study deeply in the basic courses. Keeping simple in the basic changes of a posture may help you understand the mechanism of this posture in the purest form and help you in the future advanced courses.

Sometimes, it’s good to evaluate your ability. Take time to appreciate all the skills you know and how much you have learned since your first yoga class. Nothing can help you remember the first yoga posture ever, and compared with that, you may find it easier now. If you just force yourself, you will never have many such moments of gratitude, so when you develop more advanced skills and techniques, occasionally go back and practice simple things. You will encounter positions that used to be difficult, which are easy to do now and easier to understand. Returning to the foundation is a good way to prove to yourself that if you concentrate, you can do anything, and make you confident in your ability through some more complicated postures.

Mountain pose is the foundation of all yoga standing postures. It lets you learn how to grind your feet correctly and feel the earth under your toes. Not just standing! Stand with your feet together, press down on all your toes, and spread out. Engage your quadriceps, which will help lift your knees and lift them through the inside of your thighs. Keep your abdominal muscles, hold your chest and press down your shoulders.



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