Enlightenment Of Yoga Instructor’s Life

I chose the profession of yoga instructor. It contains many things, which constantly develops a series of my skills and parts, such as public speaking, my creativity and courage. It also constantly inspires me to appear in the present. There are many beautiful jobs, but what really qualifies us to teach yoga is that we continue to practice yoga. We must practice what we teach. We must really love each other.

Like any other mission or goal in life, it can bring challenges, but as yoga teachers, if we are humbly willing to appear in the present, focus on growing and healing ourselves, and do our best to serve our community, it is such a rich profession. I am honored to serve you and inspire you to return to your true nature and happiness.

One of the goals of teaching yoga is to help others experience yoga, and to guide them towards enlightenment, a more liberated consciousness, and liberation from attachment and separation. If we are teaching yoga, we may have experienced this happy moment in personal practice, and we want to share it with everyone. The more present we are, the easier it is to promote and guide others’ yoga experience.

Yoga is a unique experience, and it feels different to each of us. As teachers, we don’t micromanage each student’s experience. On the contrary, we can encourage practitioners to practice, present themselves and heal. When a heart opens and softens in yoga practice, you know it, because if you teach yoga, you will remember how practice opens and softens your heart. We all feel this way. But we can’t rush it. We struggle with patience and endurance. We always bring it back to love. As a yoga teacher, you can create this feeling for your class, or any feeling you want to promote.

It’s important to set the tone for the class. We want our students to trust us and listen to us, so the best way to build trust is to be consistent.

Simple things, such as attending classes and finishing classes on time. This shows your students that you respect their time. Timetable is a time commitment agreed by all of us, and we should abide by it.

In addition, if you submit to a class, submit. Don’t divide classes out often. If you are not there, you may lose students. It takes time to build a class and a community. Building trust requires time to guide the exploratory education provided through practice.

Show your life and keep it simple and happy. If you are a pressure ball in your personal life, your yoga students may feel it. As yoga teachers, we get energy and inspire our class to feel something, something inside. As yoga teachers, we can sow wisdom and cultivate these seeds by sharing the ancient teachings of yoga. Nowadays, the “scripture” of yoga is also very fashionable! They are as profound today as they were thousands of years ago.

When we can accept the teaching of yoga and connect it with our life, we can better communicate the consciousness naturally generated in yoga practice.

As yoga teachers and yogis, the best thing we can do is to show others our own life truly.

To become a yoga teacher, you don’t need to have a teacher’s certificate or take classes in a yoga studio. You can teach your loved ones, your colleagues, just by living and practicing yoga. If you feel inspired, share it.

For example, when you are late for the next activity in traffic, show your children how to take a deep breath and keep calm and happy. Show them how you show yourself in front of all things that appear, how to avoid emotional escalation, and how to act according to your values. Talk to them about your life experience. Tell them your goal, you are trying to improve yourself and show them your humility.

Another example is that at work, we can teach others yoga by our ability to keep the status quo and calm under pressure, by our ability to receive feedback with gratitude and humility, and by showing kindness to colleagues. When we practice yoga, people will feel this, which encourages them to appear and stick to their own views. All of us who practice yoga are teaching yoga in some way.

If you are a yoga teacher, you should know that you have a real impact on people’s lives, whether you always feel it or not, let alone keep you motivated and inspired when sharing this exercise with others.


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