Crown Chakra Yoga

Do you need a reminder that life is not just our personal experience, we are all part of something bigger?

In yoga philosophy, Sahara or Crown chakra is the place of pure consciousness and the place where we connect with the universe. To stimulate and maximize your personal connection with the world around you, learn more about how to tune in to your subtle body and chakras.

Chakras, including crown chakras, are part of our subtle bodies. All of us are composed of three bodies: the general or material body called Stura, the subtle body called Sukshma, and the causal body called Karana. The body is our muscles and bones, which we can see with naked eyes. It formed Anna Maya Kossa, the roughest of the five sheaths.

In yoga, we are most concerned about our subtle body, which is the blueprint of physical body, including chakra system. A simple analogy to conceptualize subtle bodies is that electricity is to machines and subtle bodies are to matter. The energy channel called Nadis transports energy to the whole body, and the two main channels are Ida and Pingala.

Sushumna Nadi runs from Muladhara (root) chakra to Sahasrara (crown) chakra. Sushmana bases extend along the spine, including 13 other bases. Ida starts from the bottom of the spine, goes around the left nostril through each chakra and reaches the Ayina (third eye) chakra, which is in charge of the right brain and parasympathetic nervous system, with reference to the moon, women and soothing energy. Pinggara starts from the bottom of the spine, goes around the right nostril to reach the Ayina chakra through each roulette, dominates the left brain and sympathetic nervous system, and refers to the sun, male and dynamic energy.

Balancing energy through chakras is essential to our physical, mental and emotional health. Located overhead, Sahara is the seventh chakra. It is depicted as a thousand-petal lotus flower, with colors of white, purple and gold, which is related to all senses and pineal gland. An open Sahara chakra is when only unconditional love exists, the soul search is completed and the direct connection with divinity is established. The related Beye spell is a silent OM, because it represents everything, not anything. Inverted, Savasana, Tadessa and meditation are all the roads to Sahara. Samadhi, the highest level of consciousness is associated with Sahara.


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