Benefits of Advanced Yoga Twists & How to Get There

Yoga twists can have a wealth of benefits for your core, posture, and organs. These yoga poses can vary from the simple to the advanced variations, and although advanced twists can be difficult to work up to, they’re worth it for the health benefits alone.

Twists are yoga postures that move the shoulders to face the opposite direction of the hips.

Different twists target different areas, such as the upper, middle or lower sections of your torso, and each advanced twist has their own benefits.


Here’s a low down on the benefits of advanced twists:

Improves Digestion

Detox Organs

Increase Spinal Range of Motion

Reduces Back Pain

Release Stress and Anxiety


Tips for practicing advanced twists:

Lengthen Before you Twist

Breathe Properly

Stabilize your Lower Spine

Twist Both Sides

Take Care when Combining Poses

Finally, enjoy the benefits of twists! If you want to take advantage, take a look at this weeks classes of twists, which will rejuvenate you, letting you release the old to make space for the new!


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