Be Fearless

What are you afraid of? For some people, it is height or public speaking or spider. Halloween celebrates horror, cold and what happens at night.

Although Halloween is often an interesting holiday, with makeup and costumes to cover up our true identity, it echoes the way many of us deal with fear in the other 364 days of the year-hiding behind masks. Yoga provides us with a safe space to examine our fears and a tool to become braver.

Yoga Sutra points out that the fear of death is the biggest fear we face and the basis of all other fears. In the second pada, Patanjali called this concept abhinivesha. Learning to live in the present is a powerful way to stop worrying and fearing the future. Fear can only be related to what you expect to happen.

When you are in the present, there is no fear. Every minute of your day is an opportunity to get out of a place full of courage or fear.

Usually in our life, our first wish is to protect ourselves from pain. If your heart is broken, or if you suffer physical or mental pain-who doesn’t-you may retreat.

Of course, you don’t want to be dangerous and reckless, but do you limit yourself too much?

Yoga can give you space, let you examine your thoughts and feelings on the mat, and encourage you to walk out of your comfort zone in a safe space. When you realize what scares you, you may realize that your fear is not as deep as you think.

Through the process of self-analysis, you will feel stronger about your strengths and weaknesses. The more we know ourselves, the more comfortable we can take off the masks we are used to wearing to protect ourselves.


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