5 Yoga Poses to Make Your Heart Happy

“The more you open your heart to others, the more your life becomes joyful.” One who is open and balanced in their chest area and heart space is more open to freely give and receive love to others and have a more loving relationship with yourself. When we are depressed or closed off, our posture reflects it with a more hunched over and closed off posture.

More and more of us spend hours staring at our mobile phones every day, with their heads down, their eyes down and their postures like croissants. This is a similar position we take when we are sad, depressed or disappointed. We make ourselves look small because we are sad-but we do feel sad because we make ourselves look small. Social psychologists call it embodied cognition. This basically means that our thoughts affect our bodies, but our bodies-especially our posture-also greatly affect our thoughts.

Fortunately, embodied cognition also plays a positive role, which is essentially the essence of yoga asana. Using our body makes our brain feel something. We shape our body into a strong, powerful, open and confident shape in yoga posture, and our brain will feel that these qualities are also increasing.

To open up bravely, these five common postures are powerful, which can eliminate staring at our mobile phones all the time, make us stand proudly, stand high, and be open to giving and receiving love. It is recommended that you take at least 5 deep breaths in these positions

Here are 5 yoga poses to make your heart happier:


This posture is simple and effective, which can open your shoulders and chest, and reduce and extend your lower back. Keep your legs strong and your neck long, and let your breath enter the front of your heart.

Upward Facing Dog

This position is deeper and more advanced than cobra. Please note that cobras are still very powerful. If you have any problems with your lower back, please avoid using dogs facing up. Otherwise, in this position, keep your legs strong, keep your heart in fear, and breathe toward the center of your chest.


This position can resist gravity, which means that even if you open your heart and shoulders hard, you can strengthen your back. Kick hard and let your legs become the driving force of this position.


This is a reset of all the time we are hunched over. The wheel posture can not only lengthen and stretch your entire spine, but also lengthen and open your neck.


Gravity helps to open your heart in this position, which means that you can open the space around your heart deeply. Keep raising your heart to the sky while stretching your lower back.

If you feel closed or depressed, remember that you can exercise your body to help improve your mind. The spine in yoga opens your heart and, in turn, opens you to love more. Enjoy these five, and many other postures to open the heart chakra.



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