3 Reasons to Focus on Your Neck, Back, & Shoulders in Yoga

Have you received disturbing news that your chin, shoulders and neck become stiff at once.

Do you realize that yogis and psychologists agree that untreated emotions are trapped in your body? In our current era, many of us have to experience a tense collective experience, and how what happened affects all aspects of our personal life.

Our yoga practice is a tool to relieve stress and tension, which can strengthen us emotionally, mentally and physically. This week, join us and we will explore some yoga classes, which can not only make you strong enough to stand upside down like a master, but also soften the knot in your neck and the pain in your back.

Here are three benefits of focusing on the upper body:

1. Physical strength and flexibility: By paying special attention to creating muscle strength and flexibility in your neck, shoulders and back, you are creating support for your spine and alignment for your whole body. Strong shoulders and arms give you the functional strength you need from picking up children to carrying groceries in your daily life. A strong upper part is essential for correct posture and preventing shoulder bending caused by poor posture or simple aging. Of course, the endurance of your chataranguas and the balance control of your hands are obvious benefits, which gives you a sense of empowerment.

2. Emotional release: If you have practiced yoga several times, you will notice the direct relationship between opening tight muscles and joints and emotional release. The feeling in your body is the emotion you speak to yourself. Usually, buttocks are related to past trauma and sadness, chest is related to fear and anxiety, and neck and shoulders are traps of anger. By learning to guide your inner consciousness, you will find out where your own stress and emotional tension lie. Awareness is the first step to release negative emotions and create space for positive emotions.

3. Clear mind: Apart from the physical and emotional effects of yoga practice, we can also benefit from a calm and clear mind. Usually, tight shoulders and tight neck muscles can cause headache, confusion and shallow breathing. Most of us use computers or mobile phones for a long time. If we don’t have strong and soft muscles to balance, repeated tense postures will lead to chronic injuries. Practicing simple stretching all day is a good way to keep clear and continuous attention.


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